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EPISODE 22: A new reality show

Leo, Craig, and Jesus are joined by Ana once again. They talk about a new upcoming project and they try to find Miah a mate.


Recorded on 05/14/2020

SPECIAL EDITION 4: Pro-nun-ci-a-tion off

Craig hosts the first annual pronunciation off between Jesus and Corn. Find out why speaking a second language properly might be difficult and learn a thing or two about some random stuff, if you can make it that far.

Recorded on 05/07/2020

EPISODE 21: An unclear view

Leo, Craig, Jesus and Edgar attempt to make a podcast that won’t age badly.

Recorded on 05/05/2020

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Forget about your daily grind and have some fun with TOPS Daily Grind.

EPISODE 20: We aren’t going to make it

Leo, Craig, Jesus, and Junior talk hunting and how hard it is to be nice. 

recorded on 04/23/2020

EPISODE 19: A disgrace?

Leo, Craig, Jesus and Dylan talk about the time Dylan almost got arrested by an MP for trespassing among other things. 

SPECIAL EDITION 3: Podcast in the woods

Join Mike, Leo, Craig, Jesus, and Edgar on this special edition episode that they recorded out in the woods. 


recorded on 4/29/2020

EPISODE 18: Who’s Joe Olson

Leo, Craig, and Jesus talk to TOPS Knives employee Joe Olson. Joe doesn’t just clean bathrooms he is also a huge knife fan and a fun person to be around. #makejoefamous

*Recorded on 03/18/2020


Craig, Jesus, Edgar, and Dylan talk to the one and only EJ SNYDER YEAHHHHHHHH!

*Recorded on 03/05/2020

EPISODE 16: Trapper Scott Chapman

Craig, Jesus, and Dylan interview Craig's longtime friend and outdoor enthusiast Scott Chapman. He explains how the fur trade is still alive and how the outdoors have helped some troubled teens.  

*Recorded on 02/25/2020

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