TOPS Daily Grind

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EPISODE 1: Our humble beginnings

Welcome everyone to the first episode of our brand new podcast. Remove all expectations about what you think this podcast will be, and be prepared for some rough language. If you can get past that, then we are sure you'll have some fun. For this our first episode there is only one person we could think of to join us. Listen and find out who that is!

EPISODE 2: At Blade Show West

The TOPS Knives crew is in Portland for Blade Show West. Miah opens up and blames Craig for everything.

EPISODE 3: Blade Show West recap

  • The TOPS Knives crew make it home after a long drive. They give their 2 cents on what could make Blade Show West better. The podcast gets its first unofficial name (which later becomes TOPS Daily Grind). 

EPISODE 4: A new member joins the team

TOPS talks to its newest member. Craig is reminded that they used to work together and also learns more than he wanted to. 

EPISODE 5: Leo and Benny reminisce

In this episode Leo, Craig, and Jesus talk to Benny Carbajal. Benny does the heat treat and works on shaping handles at TOPS Knives, among other things. 

EPISODE 6: What is it you actually do?

Leo, Craig, and Jesus talk to Dylan and try to find out what it is he actually does at TOPS.

EPISODE 7: The Good Looking Powell

If you have been to our booth at Shot Show anytime within the last few years then you have probably met Bruce Powell. Get to know Bruce a bit more as Leo, Craig, and Jesus talk to him in this episode of TOPS Daily Grind.