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EPISODE 44: Motivating Stiff Socks

Leo, Craig, Jesus, and Edgar hangout talking about whatever comes to mind. Also they try to convince Junior to better himself. 

Special Edition 7: Remembering Mike

We coulnd't continue the TOPS Daily Grind podcast without talking a little about Mike's passing and remembering who he was and how important he was to all of us. 

TDG Clips: Episode 1

If you know much about TOPS Knives, then you know how influential Mike Fuller was for the knife industry. We are still mourning his passing, so this week instead of a new podcast, we invite you to listen to these excerpts from Podcast #1 where you’ll get the smallest taste of what he meant to us and why TOPS is what it is today. God speed Mike.

EPISODE 43: The Angry Jackalope

The TOPS Daily Grind team have an interesting conversation with Robert Ricks (The Angry Jackalope)(The frozen pig head guy).

EPISODE 42: The Cougar Guy

The TOPS Daily Grind team talks to Kyle Burgess also known as the Cougar Guy. He has an amazing story that he is lucky to be able to tell.

EPISODE 41: It’s Bobby Bushcraft!

The TOPS crew sit down and talk to Bobby Bushcraft. He talks about what steps you should take to be better prepared and we try to get Edgar to drink some of Miah's urine (for science of course). 

EPISODE 40: Hunter Cutchin

Special guest and former TOPS employee Nuno joins Leo, Craig, Jesus, and Edgar as they talk to Hunter Cutchin better know on IG as d.b.hemlock. Hunter does an amazing job doing modifications to knives. 

EPISODE 39: Weight loss challenge

Leo, Craig, Jesus, Edgar, and Miah talk about their upcoming weight loss challenge. Who do you think will win? Listen to their plans and place your bets. 

EPISODE 38: Adam”Nibbles” Boyce

Leo, Craig, Jesus, and Edgar talk to Adam Boyce. Adam is a self defense instructor (among other things) who works at REDACTED. He also enjoys helping a great organization out there called OUR Rescue (a very worthy cause).

EPISODE 37:Steve Fistzmiah

Leo, Craig, Jesus, Miah, and Edgar talk to Steve Fitchpatrick. Steve is an ex actor and now works with scientists as a public speaking teacher. He has amazing stories.


*Recorded on 09/17/2020

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