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EPISODE 13: Leo ruins the environment

Leo, Craig, Edgar, and Dylan talk about their experience at Shot Show 2020. Craig get's some stuff off his chest and makes a good point.

EPISODE 12: Are you a big purple dionsaur?

Leo, Craig, and Edgar talk to Bernabe Velarde from Big B Leatherworks and designer of the Road Dog Adventure Blade.

EPISODE 11: They call him Jose Flores

Leo, Craig, and Edgar talk to the ever entertaining Joe Flowers. Learn a little bit more of what Bushcraft Global is and why they left Joshua Swanagon at the "airport" in Colombia. 


Leo, Craig, Jesus, and Jeremiah give their opinion on the coronavirus pandemic that in one way or another is affecting almost everyone. DISCLAIMER: They are not experts or doctors. They just wanted to share their opinion from their point of view.

EPISODE 10: My name is Josh Swanagon

Joshua Swanagon is the first of 3 special guests that the team had at Shot Show 2020. Leo, Craig, and Edgar talk to Josh about his trip to the Colombian jungle among other interesting stories. 

EPISODE 9: Answering peoples questions

This episode was recorded right after the holiday break. Leo, Craig, Jesus, and Edgar talk about what they did on their days off and then answer some questions about knives. 

EPISODE 8: SAR Show recap

Leo, Craig, and Jeremiah make it back from Phoenix AZ where they attended the Small Arms Review show. 

EPISODE 7: The Good Looking Powell

If you have been to our booth at Shot Show anytime within the last few years then you have probably met Bruce Powell. Get to know Bruce a bit more as Leo, Craig, and Jesus talk to him in this episode of TOPS Daily Grind.

EPISODE 6: What is it you actually do?

Leo, Craig, and Jesus talk to Dylan and try to find out what it is he actually does at TOPS.

EPISODE 5: Leo and Benny reminisce

In this episode Leo, Craig, and Jesus talk to Benny Carbajal. Benny does the heat treat and works on shaping handles at TOPS Knives, among other things.