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EPISODE 32: Jason Johnson (proknifethrower)

Jason Johnson stopped by the TOPS facility to show the crew his amazing throwing technique. Leo, Craig, and Jesus had the privilege of talking to him for a brief but entertaining bit.  


recorded on 07/30/2020


What would you do for a COVID cure? Find out if Leo might have the answer. 


*Recorded on 07/30/2020

EPISODE 30: Almost a hero

Should someone who almost saves a person from bleeding to death be considered a hero? Are paintings used for laundering money? Join 4 “experts” as they try to get to the bottom of things. 


*Recorded on 7/23/2020

SPECIAL EDITION 5: From our perspective

The views in this episode don't represent the views of TOPS Daily Grind or TOPS Knives because everyone who works there has their own point of view. With that in mind Craig, Jesus, and Edgar talk about masks among other things. 


*recorded on 7/16/2020 

EPISODE 29: Mr. Tim hehehe

Leo, Craig, Edgar, and Benny talk to the ever entertaining Mr. Tim. If you don’t know who Mr. Tim is then listen to Episode 5 of TOPS Daily Grind. 


*recorded on 07/09/2020

EPISODE 28: baby_yota_

Leo, Craig, Jesse, and Edgar talk to IG model and outdoor enthusiast @baby_yota_ 

*recorded on 07/06/2020


Leo, Craig, and Jesus talk to Jeff Zausch from Naked and Afraid and Dual Survival. Learn about his new projects and get to know some surprising things about the show. Also find out who from TOPS is going to make an attempt to be naked and afraid.

*Recorded on 06/25/2020

EPISODE 26: Lt. John Nores Jr. (Ret)

Leo, Craig, and Jesus talk to retired Lt. John Nores Jr. He was a warden for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and retired in December of 2018 as a special operations lieutenant working directly at the state level, co-developing and leading his agency’s elite tactical unit the Marijuana Enforcement Team (MET) and developed the CDFW’s first sniper unit aimed at combatting the most environmentally damaging criminals working within California and impacting the nation.

*Recorded on 06/17/2020   

EPISODE 25: Sausages and singing

Leo, Craig, and Jesus try to convince Martin to earn some extra money doing what he does best.  This is one of the last episodes before we can actually have in-studio guests, so hang in there. 

*recorded on 06/04/2020


EPISODE 24: Leo nearly mauled

Leo tells his harrowing tale of how he almost got mauled by a momma grizzly. Craig tries to figure out what common sayings in Mexico mean. Jesus and Edgar try to help Miah avoid some unsolicited pics to his @miahdude IG account, that is @miahdude on Instagram.

*recorded on 06/01/2020

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